Reasons That Make Coffee an Indispensable Part of Our Lives

Kahveyi Hayatımızın Vazgeçilmez Bir Parçası Kılan Sebepler

Coffee, Excuse, Conversation is Great!

If you drink your coffee alone, you will only taste it, but if you drink it while chatting with your friend, then you will taste the real taste. Coffee can be enjoyed with conversation. Who wouldn't want to drink a great cup of coffee while gossiping or talking about the most private topics?

The reason for the establishment of coffeehouses, which were first established in the Ottoman Period, was to be able to be together in a place where we could chat with pleasure. Bitter coffee cooked over a barbecue fire has become the appetizer for the sweetest conversations. The same sharing continues today. Coffee houses, that is, cafes, have gained their new style and host the best conversations. “The heart neither wants coffee nor a coffeehouse, the heart wants conversation, coffee is an excuse.” As they say, coffee is enjoyable if consumed with friends.

Coffee Preparation: Starting the Day with Breakfast

Everyone knows the importance of having breakfast when starting a new day. What if all this is preparation for coffee? The fact that the word breakfast is derived from the word "coffee six", which means eating something before coffee, confirms that breakfast is a preparation process for the morning coffee. Drinking coffee in the morning makes it easier to quickly recover, gain energy and prepare for the day. There is nothing like a fragrant cup of coffee to catch up with the pace of life.

Anyway, Halim, let it come out, Falim

The most enjoyable conversations in friendly gatherings cannot be done without coffee. We should not forget the fortune telling that is closed with curiosity and looked at with excitement. Coffee is a pleasure where young people are happy to try different flavors in places where they meet with their friends. These are the new flavors they suggest to each other while enjoying spending time together. It is a small break between the hectic work and hectic shopping. A cup of coffee is an indispensable accompaniment to conversations on good or bad days.

Would You Drink a Fatigue Coffee?

Coffee is a wonderful taste that accompanies the most enjoyable moments of the day with its hot and cold drinking styles. You drink coffee while studying so that you don't fall asleep. When you have a headache, you get help from him to relieve it. In the evening, you offer a cup of coffee to your father or his wife, who comes home tired from work, and to the guests coming from the road, to relieve their tiredness.

When you are exhausted and tired, you can make yourself a tired coffee. Coffee doesn't just relieve your tiredness. It makes you feel vigorous and fit. You will be happy by drinking coffee. Because it gives happiness like chocolate. It both relaxes you and reduces your stress. By the way, if you drink coffee regularly, you reduce the risk of Alzheimer's in old age.

Coffee is Beneficial for Health

According to Brazilian researchers, coffee relieves pain and has a calming effect. Of course, too much of anything is bad! For this reason, you should consume coffee in moderation. There are opinions that coffee protects the heart and prevents arrhythmia. Coffee is a powerful antioxidant and helps renew cells. Did you know that according to research, people who drink 1 to 3 cups of coffee a day have fewer heart and brain diseases than those who do not?

The delicious smell of coffee, which increases endurance in physical activities, is also very important. Scientists conducted research by giving the scent of coffee to stressed mice and found that coffee had an effect on the protein that causes stress. That's why the smell of fresh coffee makes people so happy. Who can say no to a cup of coffee with fragrant smoke? You can even drink coffee just to make yourself happy.

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