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Dreaming of owning your coffee shop but unsure where to start? We are ready to guide you through this exciting process. Our team offers professional assistance in opening a coffee business.

NOK Coffee Experts not only exports the finest coffee varieties but also possesses extensive experience in the coffee business field. Our coffee shop opening services encompass a wide range of support, starting from the initial stages throughout the opening of your establishment. Here's what we can offer:

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Business process planning.
We will assist you in developing efficient business processes for the successful operation of your coffee shop.
Financial planning.
Tailoring a financial model based on the resources invested—whether personal funds, bank loans, or investor contributions—to understand expenses and plan revenues effectively.
Business registration
Crucial stage where professional help is necessary; our team will aid in selecting the legal form for registration, compiling necessary documentation, opening a bank account, and choosing a taxation system.
Legal Support.
To obtain permission to open a coffee shop, it is necessary to comply with specific requirements such as adherence to sanitary-epidemiological norms, fire safety standards, and others. In these matters, you can also rely on the support of NOK Coffee Experts.
Expert selection of coffee shop premises considering factors like lease/purchase, foot traffic, location, and safety standards, crucial for your business's success. We will select the best option for you that meets all your needs.
Design project.
Our services also include creating a design project. The exterior and interior play a significant role as they are the first things potential customers see. Here, the expertise of a designer well-versed in coffee shop layout details is essential. NOK Coffee experts will develop a concept, and select a style, color palette, furniture, and decor, taking into account your preferences, audience needs, as well as technical requirements of the coffee shop such as ventilation, electricity, and sanitary norms.
Logo and Brand Book
Our designers will create a unique logo that reflects your concept and attracts attention. The brand book will ensure consistency in the visual image of your coffee shop across all platforms and materials, helping to strengthen brand recognition.
Staff Training
We will train your staff to ensure unforgettable coffee and customer service at the highest level in your coffee shop.
Equipment Selection and Setup
We will assist you in choosing, providing, and setting up the right coffee-making equipment tailored to your needs and budget. You will find a wide range of coffee equipment from global manufacturers.
Menu Development and Product Assortment
Our experts will help you create a diverse and appealing menu, and select a range of coffee products that you can purchase from us at an optimal price, considering your preferences, as well as the tastes and requirements of your audience.
Creation of Custom Coffee Blends
We are prepared to create a unique coffee blend that will accentuate your individuality and style.
Technical Maintenance and Support
We are ready to provide 24/7 support and technical maintenance to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your equipment. If we cannot repair a coffee machine purchased from us within 4 hours, we will provide a replacement to keep your coffee.

With us, you can avoid common mistakes and efficiently realize your coffee shop opening idea. Trust the professionals at NOK Coffee Experts to turn your dream into a successful business! Contact us now to start your journey towards opening your coffee shop.

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