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Chemex has been produced with the same iconic design with wooden handle since it was invented by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941. Although it is very similar to drip coffee, it is necessary to use slightly thicker coffee than brewing methods such as v60 due to the design and permeability of the filter paper. With Chemex, you can enjoy 3-5 delicious cups of coffee with your friends.

  • Coffee: 50g
  • Water: 700ml
  • Ratio: 1/14
  • Grinding Method: As coarse as sea salt

Step by step:

  1. Place the 3-layered side of your Chemex filter in the Chemex with the mouth side where you will pour the coffee, wet it with hot water before pouring the coffee and pour out the water accumulated inside.
  2. Pour your coffee into your Chemex filter and shake it gently to distribute it evenly.
  3. To start, add twice as much water as your coffee (such as 50 g of coffee - 100 g of water). After adding the water in a circular motion, wait for 45 seconds for blooming.
  4. Again, add the remaining water in circular motions. Make sure your brewing time is between 3-4 minutes.

Enjoy your meal!

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