Recipe and Making of Frothy Turkish Coffee in a Coffee Pot!

Cezvede Bol Köpüklü Türk Kahvesi Tarifi ve Yapımı!

How to Make Frothy Turkish Coffee in a Coffee Pot?

With the recent electric coffee pots, we can make Turkish coffee quickly. But there are many people who say that making Turkish coffee in a coffee pot is a different pleasure. Come and learn from us how to make Turkish coffee in the simplest, easy, traditional coffee pot.

Now it's recipe time!

Make preliminary preparations for cooking your Turkish coffee by first adding coffee into the coffee pot, then adding sugar and water if desired.

Add 2 teaspoons of Turkish Coffee and as much sugar as you wish for each cup to the coffee pot.

Then add 1 Turkish coffee cup of cold drinking water for each cup.

Stir the coffee (and sugar, if you added it) into the water until it is thoroughly wetted and dissolved.

Watch the coffee pot reach boiling point over low heat until foam forms on top.

Before it starts to boil, remove it from low heat and divide the coffee foam that rises on the top layer equally into the cups.

Boil the remaining coffee in the coffee pot once more and then divide it among the cups.

Our coffee is ready! We also put our water next to it, but it wouldn't be without treats =)

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