Pricing Strategy

NOK Coffee Experts not only offers clients high-quality coffee but also a flexible and transparent pricing policy that contributes to the successful development of your business.

We understand that every business is unique, and therefore, we offer a personalized approach to wholesale pricing. Our team is ready to develop a pricing strategy that meets your needs and budget.

Transparent Calculations

We value the trust of our clients, so our pricing policy is always transparent and clear. We are prepared to provide detailed calculations and explanations for each item in our price list. Additionally, our team is always ready to offer the best cooperation terms that meet your needs.

Discount System

Our goal is to provide high product quality and attractive prices for all clients, regardless of their scale and needs.We offer discounts on coffee orders to help you increase the profitability of your business.

You can take advantage of the following system:
✔️ For orders over 1000 TL - 5% discount
✔️ For orders over 2000 TL - 10% discount
✔️ For orders over 3000 TL - 15% discount
✔️ For orders over 4000 TL - 20% discount

This coffee discount system is available to both retail customers and wholesale sector representatives, including offices, restaurants, bars, hotels, and other establishments. We have included VAT in the coffee price. Additionally, orders over 700 TL qualify for free delivery to ensure economic benefits and comfortable cooperation with NOK Coffee Experts. These discounts do not apply to green coffee, equipment, and accessories categories. The prices for these categories on our website are fixed, ensuring transparency and reliability in transactions. Please note that VAT and delivery costs for these categories are already included in the price.

Wholesale Orders

We have clearly defined and consistent prices for wholesale customers for coffee. We do not include delivery costs in them, providing them separately as it cannot be the same for different regions. This ensures that each client pays the same price for coffee products. Delivery options:✔️ Self-pickup. Customers can pick up the goods themselves from our warehouse at İzmir, Çiğli, Yeni Mahalle 8759, Dükkan 54 A..
✔️ Adding delivery cost to the coffee price. We offer the option to add the delivery cost to the coffee price. This option is convenient for customers who prefer to receive the order immediately with all additional expenses accounted for..
✔️ Logistics service. Customers can also choose the option of direct delivery by a logistics company (Yurt içi kargo, Aras kargo, Mng kargo, Hepsijet kargo, and others).

When placing an order for coffee in volumes exceeding 100 kg, we are ready to provide a wholesale price list for your convenience.

To receive the wholesale price list, you can use one ofseveral convenient methods:
✔️ By email, send a request to
✔️ Fill out the request form on our website, specifying the details of your order and inquiry.
✔️ You can also contact us by phone at +90 552 874 24 86 to receive the necessary consultation on all wholesale order matters.

To place a wholesale order, the client must be a legal entity and provide the following information:
✔️ Legal company address.
✔️ Tax ID.
✔️ Phone number.
✔️ Company website or social media page link (Instagram, FB). ✔️ Email for communication.
When ordering coffee in wholesale quantities of over 100 kg, it is important to note that the product cost is specified excluding VAT and delivery costs.

Collaboration with NOK Coffee Experts

If you are interested in partnering with NOK Coffee Experts and want to learn more about our wholesale prices and cooperation terms, contact us now. Our team will be happy to help you find the optimal solution for your business.

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