Coffee Filter Paper Caffeo 1x4 80 Pieces (Natural Paper)

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Coffee Filter Paper Caffeo 1x4 80 Pieces (Natural Paper)

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Developed from unbleached paper pulp, Caffeo coffee filters filter 99% of the coffee without trapping its true aroma, adding joy to your coffee pleasure.


Amount: 1 x 4 80Pcs

Material: Natural Paper

  • New sinew double stitches provide optimum tear resistance.
  • The joining was done using high pressure technique, without using any chemicals.

Filter Usage Instructions

Place the coffee filter into the dry filter chamber. Pour the ground filter coffee into the coffee filter and add water to your coffee machine according to the amount of coffee you put in.

What's in the Package?

Coffee Filter Paper Caffeo 1x4 80 Pieces (Natural Paper)...

Brands: Caffeo

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