Kafiltro Chemex Compatible Paper Filter 1-3 Cup 100 Pieces

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Kafiltro Chemex Compatible Paper Filter 1-3 Cup 100 Pieces

Additional info

Kafiltro Coffee filter is a product made of 100% paper and whitened with oxygen. It has an extra durable structure.

Product features:

  • It is Chemex compatible.
  • It is a product with a capacity of 1-3 cups.
  • It offers coffee filtering options of 3 different strengths.
  • With its developed structure, it filters 99.90% of the coffee aroma.
  • There are 100 pieces in 1 package.
  • With its funnel-shaped folded shape, you can choose one of 3 different pouches and provide filtering hardness.
  • The middlemost pouch is the harshest filtration option.
  • It produces a more delicious coffee filter by separating the coffee components that cause bad odor and taste.

Brands: Kafiltro

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