Brazil Santos, Ethiopia Djimmah Filter Coffee Set 2x500 gr

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Brazil Santos Fine Cup Dulce

Brazilian coffee, which has gone through a natural processing process, contains the scents of milk chocolate and pistachio, while making me feel caramel notes. Especially the taste of milk chocolate predominates.

  • Origin: Central America/Brazil
  • Region: Santos
  • Tasting notes: Milk chocolate, pistachio, caramel
  • Altitude: 800-1000m
  • Package Weight: Net 500 gr

Ethiopia Djimmah Grade 4

It is one of the favorite coffees of Ethiopia and has a balancing taste that makes it preferred in many blends. It differs from African coffees with its low acidity and cocoa taste. With the sip, the flavors of nuts and cocoa spread throughout the mouth, and the green lemon taste coming from the bottom makes itself felt in the background, although it is not dominant. The winey residue it leaves in the mouth after sip is quite pleasant and triggers the next sip.
  • Origin: East Africa/Ethiopia
  • Region: Djimmah
  • Tasting notes: Cocoa, nuts, green lemon
  • Altitude: 1700-1920m
  • Package Weight: Net 500 gr

Brands: Nok Coffee Experts

Kahve Türü: Single Origin 100% Arabica

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