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Filter coffee is a type of coffee obtained by brewing ground coffee beans with hot water. The brewed coffee is filtered through a paper or metal filter, separated from its pulp, and is ready to be served. It has a clear and fluid consistency compared to other coffee varieties.

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- 5% discount for purchases of 1000 TL and above
- 10% discount for purchases of 2000 TL and above
- 15% discount for purchases of 3000 TL and above
- 20% discount for purchases of 4000 TL and above
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Ethiopia Djimmah Grade 4 - 200 Gr

Regular price 105.01TL
Sale price 105.01TL Regular price
Unit price

Brazil Santos Fine Cup Dulce - Çekirdek (Öğütülmemiş) 1 Kg

Regular price 559.63TL
Sale price 559.63TL Regular price
Unit price

Guatemala El Jaguar - Çekirdek (Öğütülmemiş) 1 Kg

Regular price 610.65TL
Sale price 610.65TL Regular price
Unit price

Honduras Finca Rio Colorado - Çekirdek (Öğütülmemiş) - 1 Kg

Regular price 567.85TL
Sale price 567.85TL Regular price
Unit price

Nicaragua SHG EP San Jose Estate - Çekirdek (Öğütülmemiş) - 1 Kg

Regular price 646.20TL
Sale price 646.20TL Regular price
Unit price

Peru Papagayo SHB EP Grade 1 - Çekirdek (Öğütülmemiş) 1 kg

Regular price 740.68TL
Sale price 740.68TL Regular price
Unit price
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