Uganda Bugisu Mount Rwenzori

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Coffee with good body and low acidity. This coffee grows in the Rwenzori mountain range, on the border with Congo. The chocolate taste and high body reveal themselves in the first sip, while it dissolves in the mouth, it is accompanied by cherry and mulberry wine-like tastes. The smooth finish leaves no trace in the throat, while a pleasant residue remains in the middle of the palate and on the tongue, inviting you to the second sip.   A full-bodied core with dominant chocolate and strengthening mulberry and cherry flavors. Offering a different profile with its low and winey acidity, Uganda Bugisu AA gives very positive results in filter-derived brews, and can also be used in milk espresso derivatives.

Brands: Nok Coffee Experts

Kahve Türü: Single Origin 100% Arabica

Tadım Notları: Milk Chocolate, Black Grape, Cherry, Mulberry

Menşei: Uganda

Bölge: Rwenzori

Çiftlik Sahibi: Various Farms

İşleme Süreci: washed

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